The Eight Most Common Furniture Problems
A Masters Touch Has Encountered:

1.Problem: You just spilled nail polish on your
table top

Solution: Call A Masters Touch. We can take care
of that.

2.Problem: You had a fire. Your precious furniture
was damaged. There may even be some
charred wood.

Solution: A Masters Touch can fix that! We don't control how furniture comes to us but we control the way it looks when it leaves us.

3.Problem: You have multiple furniture pieces
that appear worn and tired.

Solution: Call A Masters Touch. We offer on-site repair and touch up.

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Tell Us what you Want Done

Tell us about your Table:

Dark wood
Light wood
1 Leaf
2 Leaves
3 Leaves
Built in leaf
4 legs
Legs come off
Legs can't come off
1 Pedestal
2 Pedestal
It's painted
Parts are broken
It has inlay
other comments

Tell us about your Chairs:

2 chairs
4 chairs
6 chairs
8 chairs
Match table
Not matching but close
Fabric on seat
Fabric on back
Back has splats
Back has rungs
4 free legs
Legs with stretchers
Stretchers are loose
parts are missing
Has a bench
other comments

Tell us about your server:

does not match other pieces
matches the set
has single set of drawers
has two sets of drawers (side by side)
I have two servers one big one small
has glass panel
has glass doors
has legs
sits flat on floor
other comments

Tell us about your China Cabinet:

Top comes off
Does not come off
2 glass doors
1 door 2 glass panels
Shelves are fixed
Shelves come out
Scroll gallery top
Square crown gallery
Base has 1 drawer 2 doors
Base has all drawers
Another combination
Unit has legs or feet
Unit sits flat on floor no legs
other comments

Other items that need refinishing:

Tea Cart
Boston Pie crust top
Side Chair
Candle table
Folding server

About moving the furniture:

I can bring it to you
HHS must pick-up and deliver
Some other arrangement


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