Refinished Hardwood Dining Table

The Eight Most Common Furniture Problems
A Masters Touch Has Encountered:

1.Problem: You just spilled nail polish on your
table top

Solution: Call A Masters Touch. We can take care
of that.

2.Problem: You had a fire. Your precious furniture
was damaged. There may even be some
charred wood.

Solution: A Masters Touch can fix that! We don't control how furniture comes to us but we control the way it looks when it leaves us.

3.Problem: You have multiple furniture pieces
that appear worn and tired.

Solution: Call A Masters Touch. We offer on-site repair and touch up.

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We offer four main services:

Restoration- We are pleased to have added restoration to our quiver of services. Restoration is a service meant for items of high value. The objective is to save as much of the original finish and patina as possible.

This service is for moisture, heat, & smoke damage. This sensitive work is only carried out by the most highly trained people in the shop. Restoration is offered on a case by case basis.

Kitchens and Interior Woodwork- Kitchen restorations are one of the main areas we work in. The average kitchen refinishing job lasts about ten working days.  We come to the home remove the doors and drawers and take them to our shop.  The rest of the work is done on site. 

Customers find the refinishing is much less expensive than replacement, or re-facing.  We build custom cabinets when needed and can re-face if need be.  Another exciting option we offer is door replacement.  We can replace doors with a new style. We size them to the old openings, finish, mount hardware and install them for a whole new look.

Furniture Refinishing, Touch-Up, and Repair in Home or at Our Shop- This is what our company was built on.  We work for the Mayflower, Edgewater, Madison Renaissance and other hotels. We commonly work for insurance companies and fire and water damage restoration companies. We also do jobs for many interior design and furniture companies and clubs in the Pacific Northwest.

Conservation- This differs from restoration. We change little. We basically make repairs. We make the item tolerable in condition found, with only minimal work. This service is offered on a case by case basis.

Following are some of clients and projects we've worked on:

Year   Job   Client
1997 to Current  Refinishing and Repair Children’s Hospital O
1999 to Current   Onsite Refinishing (502 rooms) Madison Renaissance Hotel
2000 Misc. Refinishing   Four Seasons Hotel
2000-2005  Misc. Refinishing 5th Avenue Theatre
1997 to current Misc. Refinishing Nordstrom
2001 Misc. Refinishing Exeter House Retirement Center
1999-2005 Misc. Refinishing   Seattle Golf Club
2002 to current Misc. Refinishing  Broadmoor Golf Club
2004 Glazing Millwork Columbia Tower Club
2005 Cabinet door replacement  Calvin Klein
2005 Set of Sixty Chairs Emerald Heights Retirement Condominiums
2003, 2004 Misc. touch up and repair Seattle Street of Dreams
2006- current Refinishing (16) branches Washington Mutual Bank
2008- current Refinishing work Chase Bank
2006   Cabinet Service repairs Coach
2007 Refinishing of 265 Chairs Sandpoint Golf Club
2008  Restoration 50 1908 chairs Seattle Golf Club
2009   Plastic laminate work        Chase Bank

We appreciate you considering A Masters Touch and welcome the chance to discuss your restoration project.



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